Cover Design

In addition to being a writer, I’m also an artist and budding graphic designer. I’m looking to get a little more experience designing book covers, and depending on what my schedule allows, I might be willing to try my hand at making a book cover for you for FREE. Eventually I’d like to start charging for this service, but for now, it’s really all about practice and gaining experience.

I don’t know have much experience with photomanipulation and to be honest, those photomanipulated stock model covers really aren’t my favorite. So if you’re looking for something like that, I’m probably not the right designer for you. Here’s a link to a Pinterest board that has the kinds of covers I like and that I’m interested in designing. Some of them do use stock photos, but you might notice they’re pretty basic and don’t require a lot of messing with lighting or combining a ton of different elements to get a cover image.

If you think you’d like me to try and design a cover for you, please shoot me an email describing what you want and when you need it by. I’ll let you know what my availability is and if it’s something within my skillset to design. I’m sorry that’s not more specific, but it really just depends on the individual project and what my schedule allows (I’m a full-time college student with two kids and stories of my own to work on).

For examples of covers I’ve designed in the past, see below: