Developmental Editing Services

I am currently OPEN for developmental editing. If interested, please email me at


What services do you offer?
I am only offering developmental editing at this time. Basically, this means that I am looking at the “big picture” aspects of a story, such as plot, character, pacing, dialogue, consistency, etc. I may also point out certain recurring grammar or sentence structure issues, but this is not a line-by-line edit. So, for example, I may tell you that you jump back and forth between past and present tense and give you a few examples of where this happens, but I’m not going to go through and point out every single time I see this issue.

What kinds of things do you typically look at?
Developmental editing is about making sure all elements of the story comes together in a cohesive and entertaining way. This is a very general and abbreviated list of things I typically look for as a developmental editor.
* Do plot events unfold in a way that is logical and believable given the setting and characters? Do any of the plot elements or events feel forced/contrived?
* Are plot twists believable, yet unexpected?
* Is the premise cliche, or does it bring something new and unique to the table?
* Are there any plot holes or inconsistencies that need to be addressed?

* Do the characters feel real and three-dimensional, with distinct motivations, flaws, voices, etc?
* Do the characters react to story events/situations in a way that seems appropriate and believable?
* Do characters influence the plot, or are they merely passive bystanders?
* Do the relationships between characters feel real and not contrived?

* Is there enough detail and description that I can visualize where I am? Or is there so much description that it overshadows the story?
* Is the setting believable, or are there things that don’t make sense or need further explanation in the world you have created?

* Does the story move along at an appropriate pace, without rushing or dragging?
* Does every scene seem important to the story?
* Was there any point in the story where a reader might lose interest?
* Is the story free from unnecessary information dumps and/or back story that slows the pace?

* Does dialogue feel natural, or does it feel stiff and forced?
* Does dialogue move the story forward and/or reveal character, or is it extraneous?
* Are character voices distinct?

Other concerns–
* Does the story begin with an appropriate “hook” that will grab readers’ attention and get them invested in the story and characters?
* Does the story “show” whenever possible and “tell” only when necessary or appropriate?
* Are point(s) of view and/or shifts in point of view handled appropriately?
* Are any aspects of the story confusing or inappropriately misleading?
* Are there any consistent grammar issues, repeated phrases, or sentence structure issues that the author should address?
* What are the story’s biggest strengths?

How do you provide critique?
I ask that you provide me with a copy of your manuscript as a Word document or .rtf file. I will use this to make comments in the manuscript as necessary. Most of the feedback, however, will be provided in a separate word document, where I will address each of the points mentioned above. I am honest and I don’t sugar-coat things, but I do try to give some positive feedback in my critiques and will point out the story’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. I firmly believe that positive feedback is just as important as constructive criticism, as it allows writers to see what they are doing right so that they can continue to do those things.

What genres do you read?
I will read any genre except erotica. I also won’t accept any manuscript depicting scenes of graphic pedophilia, incest, or rape.
That being said, there are certain genres that I am more experienced in than others. These include:
* Fantasy
* Science Fiction
* Other speculative fiction (paranormal, dystopian, horror, etc.)
* Thriller
* Romance (as long as it’s not purely erotica)
* YA in any of the above genres or contemporary YA

How long does it usually take you to complete a developmental edit?
Generally, it should only take me 2-3 days per 10,000 words (assuming your story is the first on my list to be read). I do try to get done faster when my schedule allows, but please keep in mind that I am a full-time college student with two children and many other responsibilities. The amount of work the story needs and/or my own schedule may increase the time needed to complete a reading. If this is the case, I will let you know before any payment is made so you can decide what you would like to do. If you are on a strict time-frame and need the story done by a certain point, let me know and we can discuss options.

Pricing and Payment

All payment should be made through Paypal and is required before work begins.
The cost for developmental editing is $0.001 (USD) per word, or $1 per 1,000 words.
I do offer a free trial for up to 2,000 words so that you can determine whether or not this service is something you are interested it. This offer is for new customers only. If you decide to continue with the beta-reading service after that, you will not be charged for those first 2,000 words.


Full refunds may be given upon request only if no work has begun on the story.

Partial refunds may be given if:
* I was unable to complete the work by the deadline agreed upon. I may ask for an extension if needed and provide an explanation for why the extension is needed. If you do not want to accept this extension, you have the option to request all feedback that has already been completed plus a refund for any work that has not been completed.
* A refund is requested for any reason after any work is done on the story. At that time, I will forward any completed work to the writer and give a partial refund for the work not completed.
* At my discretion, I may offer a refund if the writer was not satisfied with my work. You must explain why you were not satisfied and, again, this is at my discretion. Beta-reading is very time-consuming and I put a lot of effort into it, so to be blunt, I’m just not going to hand out refunds to everyone who simply doesn’t like what I have to say.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me by email or any other method on my connect page.


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