An Announcement

For those of you who have been following me on Twitter or deviantART, you may know that I recently rewrote one of my novels (again). I’ve been doing a lot of research to try to decide what my next step should be: self-publish, or start working on trying to get traditionally published.

After much deliberation (and by that, I mean this has been consuming my every thought for weeks), I have decided to self-publish. This was a huge decision for me. Two years ago, I never even would have considered self-publishing. Things change, though, and that seems especially true with writing and the publishing industry. The more I’ve thought about it, examined the pros and cons of each side, and consulted with other authors, the more confident I am that self-publishing is right for me and for this story.

The novel is a new adult dystopia set in a future america which will be titled, Secrets of PEACE. It’s the first book in a planned duology. The second book is untitled but already drafted (though it will need to be extensively rewritten to accommodate changes made to the first book). The story follows 18 year old Zira, a strong-willed but reckless new assassin who works for the government, known as the PEACE Project.


This is something I have been working on for the better part of five years now, and it feels good to finally have a solid plan for it. I have a release date in mind but won’t say when until I know for sure whether or not it’s doable. I want to go through it one more time myself, probably starting this week since I have spring break, and then send it to a few beta readers. Depending on how that goes and how much more work it needs, I may be able to start planning a release date then.

In the mean time, I am slowly putting together an author website and facebook page. That’s honestly the scariest part of this whole thing because it means announcing to people I know in real life that I’m a writer, which is something I’ve always tried to avoid (with the exception of a few close friends). Don’t ask me why; I’m well aware of how silly that is. Once that’s all up and running though, I’ll probably just abandon this blog since I’ll have one on my author site. I’ll let you all know when that happens.

I’m a little terrified about what lies ahead, but also excited. I’m sure it will be a great adventure and I’m eager to learn everything I can.


2 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. YAY!!!!

    And dude, basically everything you said you’re scared about is stuff I was terrified about at first too. I mean, people knew I wrote, but not many knew I’d written whole novels, and nobody had ever read my stuff. It’s a crazy experience, but once you get going, it gets so fun. And like I’ve said before, you’re already in such a good position for this.


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